About this site

Full Spectrum Things is an independent publication launched in April 2023 by some person that works in the field of information security.

I publish different formats here, on varying topics, with varying frequency.

Sometimes long form articles that stay in editing hell forever, sometimes short form stuff that is more a quick note about something I found useful, sometimes a dump of links and summaries to stuff I found interesting elsewhere, and sometimes just photographs.

Topics vary. Often computers, sometimes not.  Frequency varies - sometimes I will go weeks without remembering to post, sometimes I'll dump three or four notes in a day.

If you subscribe today, you'll get a warm fuzzy feeling in your insides, and I will have beer/coffee in my insides. I have no idea if I bothered setting up paid subscriptions or not. Probably not.

I may even make some content temporarily paid subscriber exclusive or something, if anyone subscribes.

You can find me on the wired at the following locations:
Hellsite: https://twitter.com/fullspectrumdev
BSky: https://bsky.app/profile/fullspectrum.dev
Email: my first name at this domain, no PGP or OPMSG key published at this time.
Github: https://github.com/fullspectrumdev/ (current)
LinkedIn: not currently.